Ever since India achieved independence, the nation plunged into a new era of planned industrialization. In order to bridge the gap of more than 200 years of stagnation, the country had resorted to the application of one of the most powerful tools of economic development i.e. Industrial Development through Five Year Plans. To achieve expected industrial development, the magnitude of other socio-economic problems have to be solved. The biggest of these problems was the problem of Human Resource Development, the qualitative and quantitative aspect of persons engaged in production process. Human Resource Development plays a vital role in the national economic development of any country. Vocational training, an important and essential input for Human Resource Development , is concerned with imparting and acquisition of technical skills, knowledge and attitudes on par with the Industrial Development of a nation.


In India, different Government and Non-Government Organizations conduct Vocational Training programmes for different target groups. The Directorate General of Employment & Training in the Union Ministry of Labour in association with its counterpart departments of Employment & Training of State Governments organize Vocational Training Programmes to prepare skilled workers for the industries through a net work of Industrial Training Institutes. The Craftsmen Training Scheme was introduced by the Government of India in 1950.


The object of the scheme are :-

  1. to ensure a steady flow of skilled workers in different trades for the industry

  2. to raise the quality and quantity of industrial production by systematic training of workers and

  3. to reduce unemployment among the educated youth by equipping them for suitable industrial employment.


The day-to-day administration of ITIs under the Craftsmen Training Scheme was transferred to the State Governments / Union Territory administrations with effect from the year 1956.

The Directorate of Employment & Training of this Union Territory Administration runs the following Industrial Training Institutes under its direct control & administration.

      1. Government Industrial Training Institute (Men), Mettupalayam, Puducherry.

      2. Government Industrial Training Institute (Women), Puducherry.

      3. Government Industrial Training Institute, Nettapakkam, Puducherry (Rural).

      4. Government Industrial Training Institute (Men), T.R.Pattinam, Karaikal.

      5. Government Industrial Training Institute (Women), T.R.Pattinam, Karaikal.

      6. Rajiv Gandhi Government industrial Training Institute, Mahe.

      7. Nethaji Subash Chandra Bose Government Industrial Training Institute, Yanam.


Further, this Directorate has permitted the private managements to run the following Private Industrial Training Centres:-

      1. Worth ITC, Puducherry

      2. Puducherry ITC, Puducherry

      3. Rajiv Memorial ITC, Puducherry

      4. V.T. Kathavarayan ITC, Moolakulam, Puducherry.

      5. Jai Amman ITC, Mathikrishnapuram, Puducherry.

      6. Indira Gandhi ITC, Thirukkanur, Puducherry.