The State Director (Commissioner of Labour) who is in-charge of the Craftsmen Training Scheme will notify in the leading newspapers of the State to receive particulars in the prescribed pro forma from the agency seeking permission to start training on the pattern of the Craftsmen Training Scheme from the August session of the following year. The last date for the receipt of the applications will be 31st December. (Form - I)


The State Director will scrutinise the applicants and after judging their authenticity and financial position shall convey provisional permission by the end of February to the deserving applicants only for starting the Institute with all necessary arrangements.


The Management of the Institute shall make all necessary arrangements and provide necessary infrastructural facilities for the proposed trades and units as per the prescribed norms.


The State Director, if satisfied with the arrangement of the Institute, shall constitute a Standing Committee and get the Institute inspected. On the basis of the recommendations of the Committee affiliation will be accorded. (Form - II)


The procedure for affiliation of ITIs / ITCs to National Council for Vocational Training requires fulfillment of prescribed norms in respect of equipment, space, staff and related facilities.


After following the approved procedure the affiliation is accorded in terms of the no. of units for the given trades. The norms have been laid down keeping in view the requirement of adequate facilities for proper training to be imparted and also for optimum utilization of facilities created in the Industrial Training Institutes.