Particulars to be furnished by the Management of the Private Institute/Centre seeking permission to conduct Training Courses on the pattern of Craftsmen Training Scheme leading to affiliation to NCVT


1. Particulars of the proposed Institute/Centre

  1. Name/Proposed Name of the Institute /centre.

  2. Full address of the Institute /centre.

  3. Proposed date of establishment.

  4. Particulars of the trades/units proposed to be started on the pattern of Craftsman Training Scheme.

    Sl-No Trades No.of units Proposed date of start

  5. Staff proposed to be appointed

    Sl-No Designation No.of proposed to be appointed Proposed date of appointment

  6. Accommodation Proposed to be provided.

  7. Sl-No Nature of room/workshop/Laboratory Area proposed to be provided Owned or hired

  8. Any other Particulars of the Management of the proposed Institute /Center.

II. Particulars of the Management of the proposed Institute/Centre.

  1. Name and address of the individual society controlling .managing the institute

  2. Date of the establishment of the Management Society.

  3. Provision of specific be -laws/articles authorising the society to run the institute /centre.

  4. Certified copy of the resolution of the Board of Directors /Managing Committee of the Society through which the Institute has been established