Physically Handicapped registrants are being sponsored in the ratio of 1:20 against the vacancies notified from various establishment in the Union Territory of Puducherry to this Special Employment Exchange for Physically Handicapped Persons in the prescribed form and manner of the notification of vacancies as mentioned in rule 28 of the Persons With Disability rules 1998.


While sponsoring candidates against unreserved vacancies, the number of special categories of priority candidates including Physically Handicapped candidates should not exceed 50% of the total number of candidates sponsored against notified unreserved vacancies. If no Physically Handicapped candidates fall within the ambit of seniority of candidates sponsored against unreserved vacancies, the Special Employment Exchange for Disabled, Puducherry is allowed to sponsor 5 eligible Physically Handicapped candidates for each vacancy irrespective of the seniority maintained by the General Employment Exchange in addition to the list already sponsored by the General Employment Exchange, Puducherry.