(a) Orthopaedically Handicapped

    (i) Locomotor disability or cerebral palsy
    (ii) leprosy-cured

(b) Visually Handicapped

    (i) Total absence
    (ii) Low vision

(c) Hearing Handicapped

    (i) Deaf and Dump
    (ii) Deaf only

The cases included in this category will be those having hearing loss of more than 60 decibles in the better ear (profound impairment) or total loss of hearing in both ears.


All those with minimum degree of disability of 40% (more than mild) are eligible for concession and benefits under the Government Schemes.


(d) Mentally Retarded

Mental retardation means a condition of arrested or incomplete development of mind of a person, which is specially characterized by abnormality of intelligence (IQ will be below 70 )