A society under the name and style of "Puducherry Child Labour Rehabilitation-cum- Welfare Society" was constituted under the Societies Registration Act. The Governing Body of the Society has been reconstituted vide G.O. Ms. No.29/Lab/G dated 9-8-2002. The amount of Rs.7.00 lakhs received from Government of India towards conduct of survey was deposited in the Society's fund. All expenditure towards conduct of Survey in 1997, Survey on drop-out children, Survey in 2002 and awareness creation were met from the Society's Fund. The Accounts of the Society have been audited for the years upto 2002-03.



A State Level Committee has been constituted as instructed by Government of India in their letter dated 19-2-2000 under the chairmanship of Secretary (Labour) with the representatives from various Government Departments concerned Industries, Trade Unions, NGOs as Members vide G.O. Ms. No.4/Lab/clc/2000 dated 12-6-2000 of Labour Department. The first meeting the State Level Committee was convened on 13-12-2001 and it was decided to conduct fresh survey before formulating schemes for the rehabilitation of child labour.



Public awareness is created about the Schemes/ programmes implemented by the office through the following camps/ campaigns in co-ordination with NGO.


1. Behavioural Skill Management for Women

This office is giving training in handicraft work and tailoring to the women hailing in labour oriented areas in the Labour Welfare Centres. Since the women in rural areas are not aware of the Scheme, this office is conducting 5 days training camp in rural areas in co-ordination with NGOs/ Voluntary organizations rendering social service in the particular area.


During the 5 days training camp; 30 women will be taught in tailoring and handicraft work. In addition, the trainees will be given lecture on "Human Relationship" covering the aspects of Creative Communication, New Creations, Goals and Responsibilities, Gender Issue, Gender Sensitization, Women Empowerment, Micro-analysis, Family Counselling, Women Entrepreneurship, self-help groups, etc., by the Women Labour Welfare Officers of Labour Welfare Centres, Health Tips will also be given by the staff nurse/ Medical Officer of the Health Centres. During the course of training, action will also be taken to conduct survey on children below 14 years who are idling at home or employed. The report will be sent to Education Department to bring them back to school. At the end of the programme, certificates will be issued to these trainees. Lunch will be provided to them on all days. Raw materials required for training are also issued free of cost. So far, 4 training camps have been conducted in Pooranankuppam, Kurumbapet, Thirubuvanai and Nainarmandabam.


2. Awareness on Child Labour

In order to create awareness among public about the evils of child labour, Awareness Campaigns are conducted. Two such Campaigns have been conducted, one, observing November 20th 2002 as Children's Rights day in co-ordination with ADECOM, a NGO, and another one, observing April 30th 2003 as Anti-Child Labour Day in co-ordination with the NGO, HOPE. Awareness also created by erection of hoardings at important junctions displaying the importance of education and the evils of child labour.