Labour Department is running Labour Welfare Centers for the women folks and Child Welfare Centres for the children hailing from labour families in the Union Territory of Puducherry. In the Puducherry Region, the first Labour Welfare Centre was opened in Mudaliarpet on 11-9-1957, the second in Gandhi Nagar on 14-11-1958 and the third in Ariankuppam on 27-2-1967. Child Welfare Centres had also been opened in all these areas. The above centres were also equipped with Libraries. The Library in Labour Welfare Centre, Ariankuppam was closed long back somewhere in the year 1971 and it is not functioning at present. Subsequently, Labour Welfare Centres in Ariyur on 6-5-1981, Lingareddipalayam on 8-2-1988, Madagadipet on 26-3-1990 and Koodapakkam on 3-9-1986 have been opened. Child Welfare Centres also have been opened in Ariyur on 25-9-1989. Koodapakkam on 9-6-1988 and Lingareddipalayam on 2-2-1989. Steps are being taken to open Child Welfare Centre in Madagadipet shortly.




             There are 8 Labour Welfare Centres in Puducherry region, Gandhi Nagar, Mudaliarpet, Ariyankuppam, Ariyur, Koodapakkam, Katterikuppam, Sedarapet and Madagadipet.  The women folks hailing from labour families are given training  in cutting and tailoring, embroidery and needle work and various handicraft works such as knitting crochet bags, flower vase/stands, fancy dools out of wool and beads as a means to utilize their spare time to supplement their families income.  Trainees  who have passed VIII standard and X standard are sent for  the Government Technical Examinations  conducted by Tamil Nadu Technical Board in the trade of cutting and tailoring in Lower  and Higher grades.  Trainees who have completed one year of training are issued certificates by the Labour Department so as to enable them to acquire jobs in private companies.  The maximum number of trainees to be trained in each centre is 40.  The average no. of trainees who attend the centres for the period from  30th January  2007 to 30th June   is 40 per centre.



            Labour Department is running Child Welfare Centres have also functioning under the control of Office of the Labour Office, (Welfare Schemes), Puducherry for the children hailing from labour family in the Union Territory of Puducherry are benefited.  At present there are 8 Child Welfare Centres in the Puducherry region – at Gandhi Nagar, Mudaliarpet, Ariyankuppam, Ariyur, Koodapakkam, Katterikuppam, Sedarapet and Madagadipet..


            In these Child Welfare Centres children in the age group of 3 to 5 years hailing from labour families are given pre-school education by trained Lady Teacher/Balasevika with nutritious meals. The Nursing Orderlies in each centre are cooking food according to a prescribed menu and do all menial works related to the Child Welfare Centres.


            Variety rice is provided to the children in these centres.  In the afternoon,   “Sundal” (Boiled peas/Bengal gram) is prepared and given to them on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Eggs are provided on Wednesday, and Friday.  On all  days biscuits are given to these children in the morning and evening.


            The fixed target strength of each centres is 50 children.   Per capita expenditure of Rs.5,500/-  per centre per month is  incurred for the preparation of midday meals to these children at a rate of  Rs.5/- per child per day .  Sanction for an amount of Rs.5,28,000/- has been issued for implementation of the scheme towards providing of mid-day meals.  An average of 20 to  30  children were benefited by the scheme during the period from January 2007 to 30th June. In order to increase the strength, it is proposed to provided breakfast to the children and the proposal for the same has already submitted for necessary approval.



             The Centres, at Mudaliarpet, Gandhi Nagar, Ariyankuppam  are equipped with libraries in order to be a source of general knowledge of public.  Readers interested  in reading newspapers and magazines visit these libraries.   Since these libraries are situated in areas where there are more number of labour families, they are very useful to the people  and there to spend their leisure time in a useful manner.