The Apprenticeship Training Scheme is evaluated under the Ministry of Labour, Government of India to train the curriculum trained craftsman from the Craftsman Training Scheme to suit to the industrial manpower needs. To regulate the Training Scheme and to enforce it for more effective implementation of skill developing to the growing industrial manpower needs, an Act by name Apprenticeship Training Act, 1961was introduced and was implemented with effect from 1st January 1963. The act was subsequently amended in 1973 and 1986 to bring the Graduate Technician and Technician (Vocational) Apprentice under its purview. This scheme is implemented by the Directorate General of Employment and Training (D.G.E. & T), Ministry of Labour, Government of India at New Delhi with assistance of six Regional Directorates located at Kolkatta, Mumbai, Chennai, Kanpur, Hyderabad and Faridabad.

The scheme was enacted in the Union Territory of Puducherry since from 1969. The Apprenticeship Training Scheme was introduced during the year 1968-69 under the Administrative control of Inspector of Factories with the only post of Surveyor Cum Technical Assistant. Subsequently, the Technical Officer, Puducherry was declared as Deputy Apprenticeship Advisor and started implementing the Apprenticeship Training Scheme under the overall control of the Commissioner of Labour cum State Apprenticeship Advisor. The scheme was initially incepted at Public establishment at Puducherry and then expanded to the private establishment covered under the Factories Act. Apart from training Craftsman Training Scheme trained trainees to the industrial orientation and safety conditions to the need of the industrial manpower, the apprenticeship training scheme identified some job oriented skills other than engineering sector called informal sector. Job oriented courses like Gardener, Lab Attender, etc., were included to cover under the Apprenticeship Training.

The innovative experience of this Act, is the frequent / regular introduction of training sectors to meet the raising manpower need in the country. It is effectively brought to the notice of the Central Apprenticeship Council which makes decisions based on the recommendtions of the State Apprenticeship Council.

In respect of ITI trained trainees, State Apprenticeship Advisor is the authority and for the Diploma and Degree Engineers, State Board of Apprenticeship Training, Taramani, Chennai is the authority.

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