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About Labour Department, Puducherry

This essentially refers to the content describing the owner Department of the website and comprises the following information:
Mission/Vision Statement
Agencies under the Administrative Control
Organisational Structure
Who's Who
This content should be reviewed frequently to ensure the accuracy and currency of the information. All information concerning the Legislative/Government officials MUST always be kept up to date.
Minimum Content on the homepage of a Department
Department Name (alternatively, the name of the Project, Service etc. as applicable).
National Emblem/Logo (as applicable).
About the Department (including its main activities & functions).
Link to all the major modules/sections of the site.
Link to all the citizen services offered by the Department.
A link to the "Contact Us" page of the website.
A link to the "Feedback" page.
A link to National Portal.
Search/Site Map.
Terms and Conditions of Use.
4.5.2 Minimum Content on Subsequent Pages:
Apart from the Homepage, the subsequent pages of the website MUST have the following minimum information, in addition to the main content.
Self explanatory title of the page.
Link to the Homepage.
Link to the parent section/top module of the individual page.
Ownership (name of the Department owning the website).
Link to the 'Contact Us' page.
Last Reviewed / Updated date.